Name : Tina Schomburg, Founder & CEO, Meducated
Age : 25 years
Condition : Diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in October, 2011
Status : In remission since January, 2014
Top Meducated Tops : Juicing, Fasting, Enemas, "Gesundheit" drink

“After I was diagnosed with cancer, I felt that there was a huge lack of education! No one taught me what causes cancer, what to eat and drink to strengthen my immune system, or how to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy. I had to meducate myself! I learned how to take charge of my own health and that was a very powerful feeling within a normally helpless situation.”

Tina Schomburg, Founder & CEO of Meducated

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The Meducated journey started when Tina’s friend, 27-year old Rebecca, was diagnosed with colon cancer. They talked thoroughly about treatment options: Radiation? Chemotherapy? All of them didn’t sit well with both Rebecca and Tina. Why would you fight a sick, toxic body with more chemicals and radiation? There was more to cancer than meets the eye, they both agreed and continued to research alternative, natural therapies that focus on treating the roots of the problem, not just the symptoms.

“I knew I needed to make serious lifestyle changes if I wanted to get healthy, and I was prepared to do what it takes. I meducated myself and the rest is history!”


Shortly after Rebecca got the malignant tumor surgically removed from her colon, Tina was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – a cancer that affects the lymphatic system. After having learned so much about the body, cancer, and natural ways to treat it, Tina declined chemotherapy to pursue other therapies.

“My body was depleted. All the stress, unhealthy food, alcohol and cigarettes added up and created an ecosystem in which cancer was able to thrive. I needed to reverse those effects and I now knew how to. It was a very powerful feeling to understand my condition and learn about the various ways of how to treat it from the root up.”

After one and a half years of detoxing and cleansing, Tina was in the greatest condition of her life. She felt wildly vivacious and full of energy. She did promise herself and loves ones around her to get an MRI scan done to ensure that the cancer wasn’t spreading. The results showed that her tumors had stopped growing, but they didn’t retreat. She ultimately decided to undergo chemotherapy to kill the malignant cancer cells from her body.

“I felt like a thousand bucks after all the juicing, fasting, enemas, and converting to a wholesome plant-based diet. It was a difficult decision but I knew my body was now able to handle the chemotherapy.”

Fast forward six months and 12 chemo sessions later. Tina hadn’t lost her hair (she just cut it), she never vomited, didn’t feel much weaker, and was able to lead a very normal life. Doctors and nurses were shocked that there were no signs of side effects, to which Tina accredited the one and a half years of preparation phase.

“I told health professionals about the lack of education, but I had a feeling that my concerns fell on deaf ears. So I took matters into my own hand and founded Meducated. I want to meducate others, not just about cancer, but other chronic diseases as well, to help them become empowered individuals. The key is to take charge of your own health, and that’s ultimately what Meducated stands for.”


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